I am not poor. 2. Lots of engineers have come from Indycar/Champ car, F1, and sportscars because NASCAR teams have the money to do things they never got to do before. Safety and Formula One … Enter the world of Formula 1. 90'+4' Second Half ends, Vitesse 2, Fortuna Sittard 0. An Indy car runs on an oval track as well as the streets and that is not the case with F1. Collection of 6 x A4 Colour catalogues. A direct comparison between the speed of GT cars and F1 machines. While F1 is considered the king of motorsport, a fleet of other adrenaline-pumping racing series are vying for its crown, offering all manner of high-octane action. I too, once thought F1 was boring but once I started watching, I got completely hooked and big time. Is it that simple? jeff gordons career earnings are almost 102 mil,this is just earnings,not endorsements or bonuses. 1 decade ago . It takes years to reach the top of Formula 1 but the rewards are worth it once you get there. Look for the free magazine series from Racecar Engineering called Stockcar Engineering. Nascar is a cold tall draft beer and F1 is a glass of fine wine. After a run of four races without points, Shwartzman returned to … Slip-streaming is very important in both. Formula 1 cars are single seat and open-wheeled, which means the wheels are on the outside of the car and not under the fenders as they are with NASCAR. He makes $37 million a year. Favourite answer. Chances are if you’ve lived in the US for anything more than a couple of months, you are pretty familiar with NASCAR. The authority on Formula One, F1, MotoGP, WRC, IndyCar, F2, WEC, Le Mans, NASCAR and more As both cars are designed to run on different tracks, it will be unfair to compare their speed, but still, the speed can be compared overall. I'm a hardcore NASCAR fan through and through, and to debunk some stereotypical myths about NASCAR fans. So i'd have to say F1 cars are more entertaining to watch on TV. NASCAR – the all-American favorite. Match ends, Vitesse 2, Fortuna Sittard 0. Those fans helped finance F1's best-paid driver, Fernando Alonso. Both fight for a title - drivers championship and in F1 constructors also. NASCAR vs F1. I've driven a Nascar car around the track a few times [obviously not at the speed of the pros]. But I have no idea about how NASCAR is run except for the general idea that it is much more centralised (NASCAR punished this driver and NASCAR changed that rule). No I am not redneck or a southerner, I actually live close to Philadelphia. So if I was watching in person, Nascar would probably be more interesting to watch. Discussions on which is better are often heated and completely biased. Clearly, this is a reference to the extreme cost associated with everything in racing, whether it be driving, managing a team, or following the sport. Over that time, the series has perfected the F1 … Here are five things you need to know about F1 compared with NASCAR: 1) Formula One is a sprint; NASCAR is a marathon. The Colombian won seven Grand Prix races in a five-year career before moving to NASCAR, where he has taken part in 255 NASCAR … Relevance 'HUMVEE' Lv 5. But each F1 team is required to work closely with the development team to build its own. They use the most powerful and the most technically advanced cars, and to drive them you have to be the best there is. VITESSE QUARTZO ONYX CITY VICTORIA. Get a summary of the Vitesse Arnhem vs. Heerenveen football match. Nascar cars crash more often. Preview and stats followed by live commentary, video highlights and match report. A Comparison of NASCAR and Formula 1 Engines: Pushrod Muscle vs High-Revving Finesse. Darfalou extends scoring run in Vitesse's 1-1 draw Oussama Darfalou scores for the third game in-a-row, but Vitesse draw 1-1 with Heerenveen. So I highly doubt I'm uneducated. 5 Juan Pablo Montoya. The two are nothing alike and I like it that way. NASCAR vs F1. Formula 1 comparison further, there is a difference in tracks too on which the racing events happen for both of these cars. F1 has a reputation for bringing the latest in racing technology to tackle monster road courses, but many race fans find the races boring because there’s rarely any passing. Nascar cars drive in circles, F1 cars drive through different tracks. NASCAR vs F1 - how are they run differently - posted in Racing Comments: Hi, Can you guys* help me out. 1992 Vitesse Yearbook 36 pages. Over the course of its season, IndyCar may draw in around 500,000 viewers, quite a bit lower than NASCAR. Have you ever wondered how pitstops compare across motorsports? 1994 Vitesse 4 pages. NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow uses a gasoline-powered V-8 engine. Get a summary of the Willem II Tilburg vs. Vitesse Arnhem football match. Formula 1. Indy and F1 cars are designed with V-6 turbo engines. Man and machine as one, unbridled by restrictions, whether of the physical, financial or metaphorical variety; in short, racing in its purest form. While I'll grant you that a NASCAR cup car is outdated in terms of some designs, you will never find a more polished turd in your life. Daily Formula 1 and motorsport news from the leading weekly motor racing magazine. Eurosport.co.uk. The biggest salaries in F1 - … There's a famous saying involving motor sports: if you want to become a millionaire in racing, start as a billionaire. The truth is most people are only fans of one or the other. Full race results for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit, the 17th and final round of the 2020 F1 world championship season. NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. pulls in $28 million. Though the World Championship of Drivers was officially founded in 1950, drivers were racing F1 cars as early as the 1920s and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile’s was established in 1946. Enjoy! Similarities: 1. No I don't drink alcohol, I can't stand the taste. 1 decade ago. RELATED: Pitstop Comparisons: F1 vs. Related: 15 Major Differences Between Formula 1 And NASCAR. When it comes to drivers who have been just as successful in NASCAR as they were in Formula One, there is only one man who comes to mind: Juan Pablo Montoya. I have a rough understanding of how F1 is run. Each engine is custom-built using the newest technology for optimized racing. Endurance Racing. Scott Speed failed in F1 and Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve both retired from F1 many years ago. The Volkswagen Club of South Africa. However. Get statistics for the Vitesse Arnhem vs. Feyenoord Rotterdam 2020-21 Dutch Eredivisie, Regular Season football match. Get a summary of the AZ Alkmaar vs. Vitesse Arnhem football match. 3 Costs. 3. Taking the Indy car vs. Like the one you like and stop calling the other side idiots. 90'+4' Attempt missed. 1995 Vitesse 16 pages. Which is why I thought it would be fun to compare the two. Your go-to source for the latest F1 news, video highlights, GP results, live timing, in-depth analysis and expert commentary. Dutch Eredivisie match Vitesse A vs Feyenoord 20.12.2020. The Volkswagen Club of South Africa. This F1 vs. nascar is making people as irrational as Republicans vs Democrats. Robert Shwartzman converted pole position in the Formula 2 sprint race into his fourth victory of the season in Bahrain. I have gone through 3 full years of college and intend on finishing my 4th. 1997 Vitesse Yearbook 84 pages. Formula E vs. IndyCar vs. NASCAR vs. Formula 1 cars are extremely more technically sophisticated. Watch Eredivisie on ESPN+. Formula 1 and IndyCar are both considered to be premier single-seater series, with huge fan bases and drivers clamouring to compete within it. Non-Technical Discussions Answer Save. View the starting lineups and subs for the Vitesse A vs Feyenoord match on 20.12.2020, plus access full match preview and predictions. 16 Answers. Engines. 1996 Quartzo 16 pages. The Abu Dhabi race, F1’s last event, had 24 … NASCAR drivers vs. F1 drivers, who earn more ? Via chicagotribune.com. drivers of both series seems to be very wealthy.