: When the circus burns down, Owen is presented with a box that contains magical animal crackers. Owen is tired of the job which keeps him away from his wife Zoe, and MacKenzie, his 3-year old daughter, comes to know about the death of … The character design is about average but the action scenes, especially the circus acts, montages of animal transformations, and a big climactic confrontation near the end, are energetic and staged with a strong sense of space. Animal Crackers follows Owen (John Krasinski) and Zoe (Emily Blunt), a couple who grew up admiring the breathtaking feats of Owen’s uncle Buffalo Bob and his audacious circus. 1h 45m Family Comedies. Author : Scott Christian Sava; Publisher : First Second; Release : 21 March 2017; GET THIS BOOK Animal Crackers. Enchanted animal crackers turn Owen into whatever shape he eats! as Mackenzie Huntington (voice), Ian McKellen as Mario Zucchini (voice), To Coda or Not to Coda: On the New Version of The Godfather Part III, A Seat at the Table: The State of International Horror in 2020, Nomadland Wins Big for Chicago Film Critics Association, It’s Like a Magic Trick: Pete Docter and Dana Murray on Pixar's Soul, The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. Animal Crackers Not rated. Be prepared for spoilers! But the stars of the show are the animals, and the audiences adore them. 1h 43m Children & Family Movies. Uncle Bob's his great-uncle, but he's really not looking forward to this visit, no matter how… Official Sites Animal Crackers is a fun animated film that is sure to be a hit with the whole family. It's magic!" Well, directors Tony Bancroft, Jaime Maestro, and Scott Christian Sava, who also co-wrote, have pictured it for you in the colorful and charming "Animal Crackers," the story of a magical circus, loosely based on Sava's graphic novel. Directed by Scott Christian Sava and Tony Bancroft, Animal Crackers — which Sava and Dean Lorey adapted from Sava's graphic novel — follows the … In 2010, Scott Christian Sava wrote a screenplay for Animal Crackers but was unable to garner any interest. But Owen didn’t want to be normal and was drawn to the fantastical elements of the circus world.” Obviously Netflix acquiring “Animal Crackers” last year at Cannes worked out for the best. A loop that is sure to kill him. Owen is miserable working for Zoe's father as a dog biscuit taste-tester. Animal Crackers Free Download in HD Quality. ... Owen and Zoe adhere to their own separate jobs, Owen in the dog biscuit factory and Zoe rebuilding the circus. They meet as children in the circus audience and fall in love. Zoe Huntington. Here, they meet at the … Brock But a magical gift box from Talia's aunt (voiced by Harvey Fierstein) helps to make the circus a hit. Yeah. A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a run-down circus from being taken over by their evil uncle Horatio P. Huntington. In general Nice Guy: They're all good people in general. : A box of Animal Crackers that gives the bearer the ability to become any animal in the box. Eat one, and you turn into the animal it represents. Mackenzie Huntington. But there are details that reward our attention. Horatio P. Huntington. It was supposed to an exciting, yet normal trip to the circus. It is entertaining for both kids and adults, and has an amazing voice cast attached to it. | A loop that keeps him from ever seeing his wife Zoe, or his three year old daughter MacKenzie. They want to see what the circus is famous for—the animals. But to save the family circus, he'll have to keep them out of his evil uncle's hands. Filming & Production Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. But to save the family circus, he'll have to keep them out of his evil uncle's hands. Owen, Zoe and their uncle Doug go to the circus. Owen Huntington. Animal Crackers: Circus Mayhem, by Scott Christian Sava/Illustrated by Mike Holmes, (March 2017, First Second), $15.99, ISBN: 9781626725041 Recommended for ages 7-11 Seven year-old Owen's parents drop him off for a visit at Buffalo Bob's Rootin' Tootin' Animal Circus. Home; ... to get their hands on the magic box of animal crackers now in Owen's possession. In the car, Owen discovered that the mysterious box holds animal crackers. Company Credits Dangerous stunts, flying acrobats, and even the clowns Uncle Doug hated so much—Owen is itching to see all of it. Watch all you want. The cast of Animal Crackers (2017). Try to picture classically trained Shakespearean actor Sir Ian McKellen singing and dancing in a musical number backed by showgirls, wearing "Buns of Steel" underpants, and conspiring with a motorcycle-riding crook played by the very not-classically trained Gilbert Gottfried. As Chesterfield not-explains, "Gypsy curse, stale flour, radioactive sugar mites—who knows? Animal Crackers. Okay, this is too close. voiced by … as Owen Huntington (voice), Lydia Rose Taylor Directed by Tony Bancroft, Scott Christian Sava, Jaime Maestro. But when his little sister Zoe, a self-proclaimed animal whisperer, accuses the ringmaster of mistreating the circus animals, the last thing Owen has time to do is to watch the show! A cookie miniature of your human form appears in the box, for you to eat when you want to turn back—unless something happens to it. They meet as children in the circus audience and fall in love. He may be surrounded by the fantastic and silly but his humanity, even in animal form, is what brings the movie to life. During a stop, Owen inadvertently ate one of them and turned into a hamster. Animal Crackers cast features John Krasinski lending his voice to the character Owen Huntington who is the main protagonist of the movie. [whispering]  Nell Minow reviews movies and DVDs each week as The Movie Mom online and on radio stations across the US. Animal Crackers is an American-Chinese 3D computer-animated comedy-fantasy movie directed by Scott Christian Sava and Tony Bancroft, and written by Sava and Dean Lorey. Technical Specs. Animal Crackers (2017) John Krasinski as Owen. Your breath is not great. Animal Crackers. His kind-hearted brother, Buffalo Bob (James Arnold Taylor) runs things backstage, and all he cares about is entertaining the audience. The circus performers discover Horatio's presence immediately afterwards and work together to stop the henchmen, and give Owen back the box. But audiences are bored by the acrobats and clowns. Owen The audience is wowed by Owen’s animal antics, but it will take more than a … Who cares? Animal Crackers Cast. Brock | Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Meanwhile, Zoe being 6-years old is stopping at each cage to talk to every animal. McKellen gets a great villain "I want" song called "It Should Have Been Mine." Related in the Adaptation: Inverted. McKellen voices preening, pompadoured Horatio P. Huntington, ringmaster of the Huntington Brothers circus, who dreams of fame and fortune. voiced by John Krasinski. An animal cracker is a particular type of small cracker or cookie, baked in the shape of an animal, usually an animal either at a zoo or circus, such as a lion, a tiger, a bear, or an elephant.The most common variety is light-colored and slightly sweet, but darker chocolate-flavored and colorful frosted varieties are also sold. Owen A man named Owen falls in love at his aunt and uncle’s circus. That results in the box of animal crackers -- with their shape-shifting ability once consumed -- coming into play, with McKellen's Horatio wanting to get his greedy hands on them for profit. as Horatio P. Huntington (voice), Gilbert Gottfried voiced by Emily Blunt. No? Release Dates Animal Crackers movie rating review for parents - Find out if Animal Crackers is okay for kids with our complete listing of the sex, profanity, violence and more in the movie. And he and Gottfried have fun arguing over which of them is the henchman. Animal Crackers – It’s magic Plot synopsis: “Owen Huntington’s life is one continuous loop of work, eat, and sleep. ANIMAL CRACKERS (2020) is an enjoyable, funny animated movie on Netflix. With Emily Blunt, Danny DeVito, John Krasinski, Ian McKellen. In the original graphic novel, Owen and Zoe are brother and sister. Watch on Netflix. John Krasinski Animal Crackers is a 2017 computer animated comedy loosely based on a graphic novel written by The Dreamland Chronicles creator Scott Christian Sava, who also directed the film alongside Mulan director Tony Bancroft. [breathes on Owen]. Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra Animal Crackers by Scott Christian Sava and illustrated by Alison Acton is a fun read. Find all 35 songs in Animal Crackers Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. : Be very careful about the broken cookies. The biggest fans are Bob's nephew Owen (John Krasinski) and Zoe (Emily Blunt), the daughter of a wealthy dog biscuit-magnate (Wallace Shawn). Cue Queen: "Don't Stop Me.". By the time it dawns on you that a subplot drags a little, with Owen's dog biscuit experiments constantly sabotaged by his rival Brock (Patrick Warburton in the film's most thankless role), you're back in the middle of Horatio's plot or watching Owen transform into a bear, a horse, a fish, or a lion. The human performers include Chesterfield the clown (Danny DeVito) and Bullet-Man (Sylvester Stallone), who gets shot out of a cannon and, relatedly, has broken all 206 bones in his body. Brock Owen, being 10-years old, wants to get under the big top to watch the show. Conclusion Animal Crackers is one of those little kids’ films that, for one reason or another, was caught up in distribution limbo until it finally landed on Netflix for its US debut. Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Suddenly, there's hope. No matter how many shapes Owen takes, Krasinski's essential everyman always makes it warm-hearted and engaging. We don't waste any time worrying about why, for example, one brother has a British accent and the other doesn't, how "nephew" Owen seems to have no parents or what might be the source of the magic. He is Mackenzie’s father and Zoe’s husband. Before the Huntingtons left, Old Blue and Zena gave them the mysterious box that opened the circus. The biggest fans are Bob's nephew Owen (John Krasinski) and Zoe (Emily Blunt), the daughter of a wealthy dog biscuit-magnate (Wallace Shawn). They become rivals for the affections of the beautiful Talia (Tara Strong), and when she agrees to marry Bob, Horatio leaves the circus in a fury. voiced by Lydia Rose Taylor. Here is a collection of some of my favorite quotes from Animal Crackers. This movie is based on animal crackers (also called animal-shaped cookies), hence its name. In June 2013, Harvey Weinstein had seen a short film of the screenplay made by Sava and two months later the Weinstein brothers made an offer to buy the rights to Animal Crackers. He is Mackenzie’s father and Zoe’s husband. Stallone is funny in a Groot-like role where all he can say is his own nom-de-circus, Bullet-Man, until ... he says something else. Does it bother you when I'm this close? But these aren’t any ordinary cookies: one bite and you’re transformed into a circus animal! Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Ian McKellen. Owen and Zoe always envisioned their lives as circus performers until they got married, and Owen decides to take a “serious” job working for Zoe’s father. Enjoy! But when his little sister Zoe, a self-proclaimed animal whisperer, accuses the ringmaster of mistreating the circus animals, the last thing Owen has time to do is to watch the show! Everything moves along briskly, punctuated with colorful characters, animal and human, and lively musical numbers. | It is coming to Netflix on July 24th and trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss it! | Owen stumbles upon the one thing that can save the day: Buffalo Bob’s box of animal crackers. Sava co-directed the movie with Tony Bancroft and co-wrote the screenplay with Dean Lorey. She is the author of The Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies and 101 Must-See Movie Moments. If Owen can use the box to become these animals and perform people will come. Animal Crackers. JOIN NOW. : Enchanted animal crackers turn Owen into whatever shape he eats! Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Ian McKellen. : A guy named Brock is an underhanded individual who works for Owen’s father-in-law; he constantly takes steps to undermine every good thing Owen does. Owen Huntington's life is one continuous loop of work, eat, and sleep. Owen's blue hair shows through his animal transformations with blue eyebrows whether the animal has fur or scales. Zoe happily quits her father's company to run the circus, but Owen stays on, working on people-food-flavored dog biscuits with a shy but brilliant scientist named Binkley (Raven-Symoné). Angered, Horatio forces Owen into the deal, while also bringing in his henchmen, now mutated into animal hybrids from the broken pieces of animal crackers brought by Mario earlier. Owen is miserable working for Zoe's father as a dog biscuit taste-tester.