Points négatifs : "Could not check in online or get seat reservations in advance (other flights for journey allowed us to choose seats when we booked flights). Would have given more stars to Aegean", Points négatifs : "Wait time in line to get on plane", Points négatifs : "The plane was so small I couldn’t fit my legs in the seating. )", Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed, seated in the last row and non adjustable seating, so very little leg room. Points négatifs : "Their were no entertainment options and the on time departures are continually a issue with Aegean. Points négatifs : "Boarding seem to be chaotic, no boarding by group or seat number. They charged me $600 for an extra bag. I would fly with Norwegian again but only in premium seats. Veuillez vérifier les conditions sur le site de réservation. ", Points positifs : "Everything excellent. Breakfast a simple brioche with nothing to add to it. ", Points positifs : "Crew and service was amazing" ", Points positifs : "Oui" Seat assignment put my husband and I together. I was glad that they served a small meal - food was good...we're not talking about a restaurant meal. Points négatifs : "One hour delay", Points positifs : "Check-in counter mentioned that our ticket did not include checked baggage, but she only charged for one bag (will be checking on my ticket and discussing with Aegean's corporate if I bought the correct ticket with checked bags). Was offered a replacement ticket for over £900. ", Points positifs : "That we survived" Staff friendly, but they dropped my meal" Comme si on prenait des vacances comme on le souhaite..", Points positifs : "Siège inclinable, cabine confortable. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting...", Points positifs : "Yes" Points négatifs : "Change flight rules and regulations. we were supposed to board at 930pm, didn't end up boarding until 330am...this would have been fine but when we arrived in stockholm they indicated the bags did not come along with the flight and provided no updates on timeline for their arrival. Moralités , très bonne compagnie si on a la chance de n’avoir aucun soucis . Smooth. Points négatifs : "Flight was 1/2hr with poor pre-flight communication on the topic. Points négatifs : "I could not make it for the 1st part of my journey due to personal circumstances. This website is property of BravoNext SA, headquartered in Vicolo de’ Calvi 2, 6830 Chiasso, CH (company registration number CHE -115.704.228; and VAT number CHE -115.704.228). Il y a 436 vols directs par semaine entre Paris et Stockholm, soit une moyenne de 62 par jour. i will never fly with egean again! Points négatifs : "Coffee and a bread roll as a snack?? No consideration for their passengers. Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "Everything but not the food" Nice crew, free drinks." La haute saison est en juillet, août et septembre. Volez avec SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, en Scandinavie, en Europe, vers l'Asie et les États-Unis. Les vols Paris-Stockholm atterrissent à Arlanda-Airport situé à 40 kilomètres au nord de la ville. On trouve en général les vols Paris - Stockholm les moins chers 88 jours avant le départ. Points négatifs : "Punctuality. Venez la visiter avec SAS ! Had to book another flight at my own expense. Réservez votre vol pour Stockholm, la capitale de la Suède, avec SAS. ", Points positifs : "The friendliness of the crew", Points positifs : "Friendly crew" And I made my last connection easily. Points négatifs : "not nearly enough room, despite having bought extra legroom seats. Trouvez des billets Sas à bas prix dès USD avec Trip.com. Points négatifs : "Le fait que l'avion avait 2h de retard et qu'on ait attendu longtemps avant d'embarquer...", Points positifs : "Friendly crew, good movie options. SAS dessert Bodø en Norvège depuis/via Oslo, Copenhague ou Stockholm (selon l’itinéraire). ", Points positifs : "The staff so kind and comfortable seats then we have logical prices" ", Points positifs : "friendly service" Avec son aide, vous pourrez facilement suivre les détails de votre voyage à Stockholm. Points négatifs : "seat was so hard", Points négatifs : "The plane has an hour delay in Rome due to rain. Merci pour le partage ! I commend Lufthansa and the crew of this aircraft." Points négatifs : "Terrible Connecto in Frankfurt We had to run for 15mn to get our Singapore flight with no help from Lufthansa: poor service", Points positifs : "-" SK 573 est un vol international au départ de l'aéroport de Arlanda, Stockholm, Sweden (ARN) et à destination de l'aéroport de Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France (CDG). Friendly crew" not to mention that the whole purpuise of my trip is gone, because i a will arrive to copenhagen five hours late for the meeting i was supposed to hold with my fans! I frustrated with this decision at late hours . Points négatifs : "Can't think of a thing. Wish we had been given a seat on the aisle - there were some empty ones on the flight. 2020.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, all my clothes were wet and ruined and a few other items broke. Would have been a lot better if they boarded by seat numbers. We upgraded to premium but did not get a premium meal", Points négatifs : "Third party reservations should include automatic baggage transfer, I will think twice before using KAYAK again for this reason. Literally everything else was terrible." There wasn’t too many shops in the airport", Points négatifs : "Yo no pude viajar y no tube ni siquiera una remuneración un empleado de luftansa me dijo que no podía viajar Ali mejor por que no le simpatize y le quedó sin viajar y perdiendo dinero tiempo", Points négatifs : "On the way out Lufthansa charged us a total of £129 to take our bags with us (all under 23KG). The clincher for me was that they charge by the kilo for excess baggage. Un vol sans histoire à bord d'un … The quality of the food has dropped dramatically. Vous pourrez ainsi voir des vols Paris-Stockholm jusqu’à 3 jours avant et après vos dates de prédilection, et ainsi trouver l’offre qui vous convient le mieux. We use Javascript on our site to give you the best possible experience. Points négatifs : "Entertainment system had to be rebooted as it did not work Small screen handset was not working for the entire flight food selection was not as big as KLM or China Eastern Bathroom on board was smaller than KLM or China Eastern which meant changing into more comfortable clothing for the night flight", Points positifs : "Le port usb pour charger son téléphone à bord et le personnage très souriant et bien présents. But without it, our site won't work properly. Points négatifs : "No complaints", Points positifs : "Everything was clean and well organized." Points négatifs : "Night travelling", Points positifs : "Everything was fine, even above expected for low cost airline. It would be nice for Lufthansa to at least offer the passengers something to eat or drink while on board waiting for such a long time. ", Points négatifs : "Boarding was a disaster, nobody knew where to go. Points négatifs : "Boarding was not well organized at CDG; Didn't get a gate at LAX (had to take shuttle);", Points négatifs : "I was not allowed to board on the return flight despite flight being delayed 40+ minutes causing me to miss my flight home from Paris to the US. Result, take off 20 minutes late because there was not enough room for luggage in the overhead compartments. Trouvez les meilleurs tarifs. Now hungrey and tierd.I.will not be flying klm ever again !! ", Points positifs : "Fast boarding" Volez directement à Stockholm avec SAS. Achetez votre billet d’avion pour Stockholm, Suède au meilleur prix sur notre site de … In total 50 minutes late leaving. Toujours aussi peu de place pour les grands, aux genoux (assise) mais aussi en hauteur (dossier trop.court de 3cm pour ceux mesurant 1m85 et plus)", Points positifs : "Very helpful cabin crew and did well to communicate in English to me. Ryanair propose un vol direct pour Stockholm depuis Paris-Beauvais. Il avait au moins 4 files pour finir dans la même porte. Points négatifs : "Slow in refuelling, got us delayed for 40-", Points positifs : "KLM STAFF WERE VERY PROFESSIONAL" They have also changed the boarding gate..", Points positifs : "Crew were excellent" Points négatifs : "Crew was rude when I asked if there was a vegetarian option for the snack. ", Points négatifs : "The flight advertised meals..a small pastry was served an hour into the flight. Merci norwegian! Points négatifs : "After running due to a 1 hr 10 min change over between flights boarding didn't prioritise anyone but I got on fine. ", Points positifs : "Food and staff behaviour" Ce type de billet vous offre les mêmes avantages qu’un billet SAS Go, mais à prix réduit et sans bagage enregistré. Statut des vols de SAS (avec suivi de vol et carte en direct) - regarder tous les vols ou suivez les vols de SAS ... Stockholm … It is stressful enough traveling for 30+ hours this really is not welcome. Pendant le vol le repas était sympa e bon. ", Points négatifs : "Horrible check in!!!! Vous trouverez plus d'informations ici (en anglais). And for your cabin luggage you only have 12 kg that they check you twice and they have security staff at the airport specifically check in this. Grâce à plus de 2 milliards de recherches traitées chaque année, nous pouvons afficher une grande variété de prix et d’options pour les vols entre Paris et Stockholm. ", Points négatifs : "When I picked up my luggage one piece had a broken zipper and my belongings fell out", Points positifs : "Great staff, quick boarding and vegetarian options were avaliable. ", Points positifs : "Crew friendly" Dis-enbarkment was very slow. Stockholm est desservie par des vols directs au départ de l’aéroport Paris-Orly par la compagnie Norwegian. Sachez que votre expérience pourra être affectée si vous n’acceptez pas tous les cookies, et certaines zones ou fonctions du site Internet peuvent ne pas fonctionner comme prévu. The boarding process was a mess and the flight barely had water", Points positifs : "Smooth flight, good entertainment system, nice new plane" Bonne gestion d une urgence médicale à l atterrissage" Réservez des vols à bas prix de Stockholm à New York/Newark. ", Points positifs : "Friendly and efficient crew. Vol Stockholm Paris SAS Scandinavian Airlines Distribution par agence agréée. Points négatifs : "Entertainment", Points positifs : "Everything is top notch for an airline company." Points négatifs : "la qualité des sièges en classe eco le bagage en soute payant pour un long courrier en option(!! I fly lufthansa twice a week and I have yet to fly on time. Points négatifs : "There is not business class even though you pay business class fares. Coloriage pour les enfants. Not sure. ", Points positifs : "L’embarquement a été super rapide. Points négatifs : "45 minutes pour avoir les bagages à l arrivée à Berlin Txl", Points positifs : "Équipage au top, serviable, souriant, vraiment super ! Réservez au moins 4 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne. Flying only KLM from now. Stockholm : des restrictions de voyage s’appliquent. De cette manière, SAS vous assure que vous serez à Stockholm à l’heure qui vous convient le mieux. It took us over 30 minutes to get through. Points négatifs : "sceens in the plane to show map and direction of travel", Points positifs : "The flight arrived a few minutes early." SAS s’assure que votre vol soit le plus agréable possible. Security at Frankfurt was so poor. Ces canaux font de Stockholm une ville d'une beauté stupéfiante. Les paramètres de gestion des cookies vous permettent de contrôler votre consentement. Points négatifs : "No major complaints. La visiter est plus facile que jamais avec SAS. The aircraft was relatively new and clean (rare for an airline to provide a new craft on an Africa segment). THEY NEED TO WORK ON THEIR ATTITUDE", Points positifs : "very nice crew" And yes, we checked in together. Vols Paris Stockholm avec SAS Billet d’avion Paris Stockholm avec SAS Dès que vous avez rempli tous les champs pour chercher un vol , il suffit de lancer la recherche en cliquant sur “RECHERCHER”. Points négatifs : "We were not advised of a flight number change or checking in location change. ", Points positifs : "Good crew" Encas généreux. Points négatifs : "Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. ", Points positifs : "Our steward" Points négatifs : "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. Points négatifs : "Food was a little substandard for business class", Points négatifs : "You are almost always late! Monde du Voyage est un comparateur qui recherche les meilleures offres de vols secs sur SAS … The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Sièges confortables. Air France et Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) assurent un vol direct pour Stockholm depuis Paris CDG. ", Points positifs : "No extra charge for simple refreshments. ", Points positifs : "We got two drinks, I had an empty seat next to me which made things more comfortable" ", Points positifs : "Restrooms clean, decent food and drink, nice cabin crew." Points négatifs : "Ground staff poor customer service", Points positifs : "Lufthansa should keep up the standard."

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